at&t to raise prices

Ralph de la Vega, at&t's top guy in the wireless division, told a group at a UBS conference yesterday that the reason for all of the dropped calls in the big cities, is the heavy smart phone data usage.  He promised improvements in these areas, citing New York and San Francisco specifically.  At the same time, he promised a new pricing method to account for the heavy data usage by those of us that rely on our smartphones.  I thought that I already paid for a separate data package, but I guess he thought I should pay for it and then not really use it.  He did cite that a large chunk of the data usage was from only 3 percent of the users, and one would have to make the conclusion that those people are streaming a lot of video.  So, at this point, all we can hope for is that the new pricing module sets a very high cap on the data usage that all but this 3 percent can live with.