WSJ follow up to Flyblown Crisis Article

The WSJ today nicely summarized the top time management systems, including GTD, Pomodoro and Covey.  The article was perfect timing to compliment the article on this blog today about multitasking.  Personally, I love GTD and think that Pomodoro is a great add on for keeping on task.  Both are great systems that promote single-tasking.

From the WSJ:

• Getting Things Done: The reigning gorilla of time management, "GTD," as its followers call it, was created in the 1980s by David Allen, an Ojai, Calif., consultant whose coaching, training materials and seminars can be found at Mr. Allen has since sold more than one million books about GTD and attracted 1.2 million followers on Twitter. GTD's aim is to corral all the projects and tasks floating around in your head into an organizing system you update weekly. No matter what chaos erupts, the system in theory enables you to quickly identify the next step to take on every front to keep all your projects moving forward, while keeping your mind clear to relax, think and be creative.

The Pomodoro Technique: This quirky method had me working in intense spurts guided by a kitchen timer shaped like a tomato—or pomodoro, in the inventor's native Italian. Developed by Francesco Cirillo, director of XPLabs, a software design firm based near Rome, this technique is spreading via Twitter and other social networks. It can be learned in a few hours from a free guide at; making it a habit takes up to 20 days.